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Help deliver a little hope to someone in their time of need. From helping to assembling care packages to delivering, any help is greatly appreciated.



From products for care packages to monetary donations every little bit received can make a major difference in someones life.


Fund Raisers

Show up. Promote. Venue donation. These are just a few other ways that you can help us to help others. Giving hope isn't just about items and money. A lot of hope can be given by raising awareness.

About Our Foundation

Rock For The Heart is a non profit organization based out of Delphos OH. Founded by Justin Davis; a heart attack survivor and veteran who now is in a constant battle with a rare and unique heart disease. We aim to help fund heart research along with making the stay of heart patients and their families a little easier and more comfortable with our care packages. We also believe that a strong support system is vital to aid in the recovery of the patients therefore we strive to provide a strong support system for a strong recovery to those affected by heart disease.

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“We will continue to fight for as long as our heart has a beat left to give”

What We Do

We strive to do what we can to provide people suffering from heart disease help when they need it the most.

Live Entertainment

We here at Rock For The Heart firmly believe in bringing the community together through music and entertainment. Rock For The Heart puts on both concerts and livestreams with various acts and bands to not only raise money for the cause but also to help raise awareness.


We are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to raise money along with showing people a good time. We do this with our various fundraiser events. These events are not just limited to our concerts but various other forms of entertainment along with donation drives.

Care Packages

Care packages are one of the main services that Rock For The Heart provides. These packages contain necessary items and toiletries and are hand delivered to families in the hospital who have a loved one battling a heart condition. This way the families do not have to leave their loved ones side during these difficult times.

Heart Disease Research

Money raised by Rock For The Heart also goes towards heart disease research in hopes that there will one day be a cure. Money raised is hand delivered to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD by our CEO Justin Davis. This money is put directly towards heart research protocols.

Give help where it's needed most

Rock For the Heart is dedicated to helping people with heart disease, but we can't do it without your help. Join the fight!

Become a Volunteer

We can always use the help! Whether it's building or delivering care packages to helping at an event, your help is greatly appreciated!